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RSA Proven facts; the arrests we’re they made?

RSA proven the arrests.
We’re they ever made?

Or are people polarizing efforts for humanizing criminal behavior?
Of Parnassia?

Statistically spoken hundreds of people can be arrested by now.
After the smoke strategy of corrupted behaved people, I sought to succeed in proving that this male was a coward old male, and others became guilty, as I pronounced it in their face for the ones who brought the person.

The female inside parnassia today at 21.40PM of 28-06-09 attempted just as Gerda to abuse my freedom and movement.

The person who attempts to do so should never forget, your marked as mine enemy for as long as you live.

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  1. juni 28, 2009 om 21:40

    Dont ask why. Just read and realize. This is not mtv.

  2. juni 28, 2009 om 21:40


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