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Proven cooperation is going dead-wrong, all corruptions and guiltyness is here proven.

Today I proven a breakthrough report, in where Infiltrators have become upper-most guilty on all charges of mishandling mine position and getting in continual denial mode, where she uses pressure of words to resound memory of others and her in the way she abused me.

They abused me by allowing illegal people to trespass the house, including Staedion who caused mine heart to get attacked, such as that time Infiltrators did the same, not listening and abusing mine position.
They abused me by using Defensie strategism, with Infiltration strategism to covertly misuse and start informational abusement through Infiltrator-behavior.

At that point Defensie was preparing mishandlement and abusement through Mandema and Laan.
The professorate who we’re fingerpointing each other probably,we’re the one who caused turmoiled behavior on the body.
At that point they kept on abusing mine positiong with psychiatry.

From this point where the contact of Laan, Veeling, Mandema became hostile, I’v proven that to Veeling that I had serious problems with the Dutch State, as their constitution was about to emphasize, their constitution allowed an illegal judge with 3 illegal people to continue towards abusements.

That’s how they thought to get away with injustice, since this is reported to the Chinese Constitution, they are now responsible with the USA constitution in proving how many corruptions are now reported, because of Mister Laan, who is the one who they used to temper with mine positition, as they used in full power undercover strategies, as in HIMA of mine homologation it is reported that Laan is allready guilty on all charges of abusing mine position, acusing me constantly and allowing others to do the same as for what the “doctor” would have said, by knowledge of Laan, it’s proven that they wanted to mark Laan as a psychiater and doctors, knowing his doctorandus is now under arrest by WSA, and RSA because of VSA, the educative role is now proven.

So who became guilty?

1. Laan, cooperations with him including Roelofssen and Neven. And people since 2006 of Parnassia.
2. Infiltrators using infiltration strategies..
3. Mandema, who used mine position to abuse me.
4. Parnassia who became guilty on all charges with Defensie, for continual abusements.
5. Constitutive powers, who emerged to captativeness of mine position, including the corruptive judges.
6. Defensie and China and USA together, who could never tell the world that their innocent.
7. People since 2006, are Bonai, AALBERS, Roderick Janssen, Mariska, Gerda, who abused me as Marcel.

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