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WSA: Judgment upon the Dutch State, USA State, Chinese State

All guilty on all charges of psychiatry.
All guilty on all charges of psychiatry and microbiological neglectences, and self-defense against justice of WSA.
All guilty on hiding science.
And hiding technology warfare.

Why, WSA proven the static organ which was healed, in MARS that Medicinal Airstream Respiration Stability, is destable.

As it was completely deterioated before it was stable/destable at all.
This was caused by fluanxol and artane, who damaged my body much more.
As the body was in a specific stage, where USA, China, Holland had their responsibility.

Eventually it’s proven that those who allowed me to suffer, and fight for my life, we’re stuck.
And became guilty. They chose for this road, but felt off justice.
And today they have finally become guilty.
On all charges of death scores. As I died almost many times.

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