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BREAKING NEWS: racial profiling and racial overcontrol of injustified consternations

Breaking news the utopian syndrome which lasted for years, caused turmoil and misdemeanors, the racial profiling was state of the art knowledge of CIA and Pentagonism at the same time overcontrol of injustified consternations took place, these cops were the one who we’re putting victims of brutality, or victims of themselves in jails just because they got money for it or they got rule of injustice for it, there is no rule of law in this world saying victimize people, or consternate them, not even 1.

If you have that rule of law than it must be a racial impactm because what I learned from consternation is that people who have no background in science or no background in education of science or education of sociology impact the humanity on a big scale of injustice, one of them are cops and militaries and journalists.

These people together caused racial impact on the turmoil of changed and unchanged behaviors, the consternation that took place against me had no justified cause at all, and will never remain injustified, the first consternatio that took place was the most highest injustice that took place after the highest injustice of manslaughter, and the second manslaughter mine own body again had to go through took place, again.

The manslaughter I am talking about is mine own body, what happened inside was very dangerous, and I was fighting for it, they injected me with fluanxol and gave me artane because of my legs, nobody did anything, even that doctor and pharmaceuticas and scientists kept on giving fluanxol to innocents, even those dirthy cops with ter horst and those who were abusing the curtains when i got consternated were the same role of 2009, where they kept on delivering brain strategies 24 hours a day.

With all this conclusive evidence I requested life sentence upon the judge and life sentence upon the leader of the police authority who allowed the consternation to take place with the leaders of Defensie who are now guilty at all charges.



Any person attempting to abuse me will not get away with life sentence, it starts with psychiatry and goes to everything around that factor and jail, cause I am too strong against injustice.

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