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Parlance in Law and Common, Giorgio Napolitano and Defensie and Chinese MILITARIES.

25 July 2009
9:06:22 PM
Dear Giorgio Napolitano,

The cooperation with Italy of the last years had proven through musical and none-musical capabilities that Italy was capable of defending injustice or obtaining justice, at the same time Italy was capable of either receiving inquests for mine position or a deliberation of such which are already there.
Thus I shutted down the cooperation with Defensie and China as Chinese Militaries because of hypermodern and ultramodern injustice and corruptions on the grounds developing injustice, and psychiatry and my role in defending TTT.TSISA.CCC.
I didn’t shutted down cooperation of Pentagon, because that would lead to controlless behavior of people and organizations in my life to injustice. As witness I wish to invite Lady J and Italian lady to come forward.
Therefore I wish that my acknowledgements will succeed forwards and not backwards towards TTT.TSISA.CCC, and if so I wish also that on http://www.tsisa.eu very soon we can acknowledge all of this.

Recognized by,

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