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TSISA: Parlance in Law and Common, RS lady, morphology and deontology

Today its proven that the factor of RS lady was standing by and was active with it in order to be a possibility of success of international ratifications.

She did not recognize the opportunity to respect my decision which is proven outside. She neglected the decision upon 1 male for the reason of love which could be me. At the same time I haven’t seen any lady accepting me, many ladies will fail of course also by proving this today, actually nobody can succeed without that goal of Logic 66 for PP-SS-SS, to accept me as I represent myself in Saline for Europe as Saline Europe.

The morphology of the lady has proven that she was serious and not unserious at all, at the same time I proven the deontology aspects of VSA to be part of to learn in the PAK to continue forward, that this is how I protect myself and others in educative development’s, of each other, but without a success to continue forward there is a hard problem that will not be solved through questioning or answering at all.

For the goals of the functionality for RS Lady factor the girl replied to the capability of positive developments but also a blue 66, which shows clearly that the adoption for Logic 66 didn’t took a right turn. With the positive development; the graduation, I verified the capability of her to continue forward, as an acceptance of honesty and equality, freedom and movement, peace and safety.

There where the equality has been put equally forward for the day she has been active, which is today at thursday of July 30, for the way she has been working forward with the reason of myself, the movement’s and capabilities to the surface of everything is as necessary as the lower surface of everything and with it the surfaces of our world, where we see more than just a surface these days, such as crimes and none-crimes, corruptions and dangerous hazards, or just dirty people being dirty all the time as dirty minded, that’s why the RS stands for R72, Screened and with it Lady, if a lady succeeds with R72, she will be able to continue forward continously to Screened, which means if she is rightfull she will be able to position herself forward, but if she isn’t rightfull she will fail with it, because of the demand of justice in TSISA.

The role of life has proven that intellectual developments are necessary to be pre-cautioned about the reasons why people like each other, do they really like each other or is that just a hype?

By now we know that it’s not  a hype to be rightfull but a cause of good undestanding of something or with somebody for something, that is more necessary than just the right you have to remain rightfull, such as your human rights.

We the people are entitled to endorse ratifications worldwide to arrest criminals on all levels, from military to politics to dirty cops, I found out that this is possible if the ratification demand of security would not bypass R72, Screened, Arrests at all as in justice the HIMA allows the capability of such to follow. That’s why the implementations of adoptions of WSA allows the Logics to be adopted and used inside the codification to circumstances of where we have to follow on a larger scale of demand of justice, which means we need to accept each other for what we have achieved, that’s why I developed TSISA, which is here as The Sovereign Intellectual Security Amendment, where the Amendment stands for the DST factor as  Double Standards Theory, to fulfill justifications and impending changes above justifications to the right methodology of exchanging it, we have the WSA.

To succeed intellectually forward TSISA.EU is being prepared, for any success of any lady at all to succeed for RS Lady it is important to be a high success of Logic 66 and to move forward against corruptions permanent worldwide, including crimes, criminals, frauds, etc.


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