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TSISA: Parlance in Law and Common, the duty of history and future in life and death

The history and future has a duty in life and death, where people cannot be allowed to suffer nor die, this conclused to the ruling of a law who describes where security is also medical security is of anybody at risk, this in case of CNN because of british suicide case of Debbie Purdy.

The case which is part of British people shows clearly a path of wrongdoing in both ways, one is the image that describes the wrongdoing and the other is the case itself which harms the intensions of the lady as she had to remain protected. The case together has proven that military professorates are part of military spies in England who have corruptions, because of the code against mustache strategists who reacted on the hypothesis of mustaches would be corrupted, than they reacted on purpose on it and changed the whole scope of how a mustache is handled, than only corrupted, in this case I dismiss the capability to continue with any form of mustache at all.


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