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Apollo0888: Parlance in Law Surrender the Truth and yourself

The guilty delegations of the last years because of mine body have to surrender those who are guilty.

Attempts of long-short murder is proven as follow:

1. Allowances of microbiology abusements of the body
2. Allowances of dirty scientists abusing my body in Rijswijk parts of heart and vessel, which took minimum of 5 seconds
3. Allowances of Mandema strategist to abuse my health position including with Family-Mandema-Roelofssen strategism
4. Multiple 34 Red’s and on top of it at least 20 times reported very negative
5. Multiple abusements of Psychiatry against me knowing scientists never helped me in their highest level of the world
6. Those who we’re acting like they helped me we’re part of USA, Chinese, Dutch strategism of feets in 2006 in APA danger dirty small jail which is unacceptable at all
7. I been abused severely by weakness of the body through Fluanxol and Artane through 2005, near 2006 when it started
8. Mandema been using phraseology strategism of having a signal that it didn’t went right, showing clearly he’s been abusing me 24 hours a day, with his professionalism level he’s been able to be calm with his strategies, he was the one who orchestrated the kidnap strategy with part of self-guilty persons such as Laan who allowed me to get abused in the body, knowing they should had medical responsibilities with professorates. Showing clearly why the next things are happening still and happened:
9. 1) First of all the head strategy of abusing mine muscle structure which was not caused by fluanxol was partially connected with Mandema it’s strategy the day when I felt real hard pain through my head
2) Second of all the heart suffered death experiences through june 2008 till now at 31 July 2009, that till now it means that my heart is little bit weaker but that’s due to overheated and weaked body structure which is tempered yet and still in construction.
3) Somehow these guilty scientists allowed me to get abused severely in 2006 on my right leg capability, so in this world we have to remember what means Trigonometrically DST, which is primary, secondary, and as third any pledge that makes trigonometrical sovereign world ministration plausible to advance itself as a pledge for any occupied reason. Therefore it is proven that the reason why I survived with Nivea creme and with reporting all body-problems when cops directly replied to it is that scientists knew what was about to take place but didn’t warn me at all, than just a code 16 which came by and the only reason that I had to survive was for myself, females, babies, and the reason why families had to succeed in the future, to protect and serve, so I had a lot to take forward to but the risk I had of dying was every day dying from heart problems and organ problems, this risk was every day at large, till today 1 year later I am still fighting on my life-status but through an eased and troubled capability of breathing now, it doesn’t means anything changed for me, cause the sad story is I am still dying.

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