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TSISA & WSA: Parlance in Law-Abiding common developments has proven corruptions

There is nothing in this world, that can proven the opposite anymore, therefore the crucial role of cops in Netherlands is described as false and none-law-abiding, as proven that if they would be law-abiding, they would have arrested all people when I was fighting for my life, they didn’t thus they allowed in the classifications with MIVD to use strategism of corruptions, and never took their responsibility to use the lawfull accordance to arrest Psychiatry, prinsengracht and with it the entire fascility of Parnassia with the guilty professorate, who has no choice than to surrender to the rule of law in the world.

Therefore the common knowledge has proven that KLPD is offending human rights with Defensie, and not using them to defend justifications, one call to them doesn’t means I’m protected against Psychiatry, nor does it means they will do what is necessary their postal mail capability is also proving the wrong, cause there is nothing in the world that can stop TSISA and WSA from authoritative acceptances of intellectual development’s, the rule of law cannot therefore permit such an understanding that I will be abused to continue, as the reason of the judges comforts the truth and recognizes the truth, the face of one cop proven another cop is not real, but the face of an entire organization based upon racial profiling of who it maybe is true worldwide, since 2001 and also is true that since I been active almost everything became racial profiling or goals to succeed with, the negativity with consternation as part of strategism became illegal racial profiling, where Dutch people took over masterminding idealization aspects since 2005.

Unfortunately since 2006, till now no KLPD or MIVD organization aspected me to become so lawfull, till they saw I never accepted their corruptions.

Therefore saying that we the Dutch people as whoever you are is not part of corruption(s) or not has been part of it, is not true, than me saying I am not we and I do not endorse your corruptions either, the cooperation was therefore an error, and was removed.

I cannot continue to accept the trustworthyness of KLPD anymore, since the people who are guilty are still overwheliming against me, and using similarity of Thematic Apperceptions to overcontrol me, since 2001 and 2005, it is proven true.

50 years of psychiatry and cops is now not anymore part of trustworthyness, cause nobody in the world will believe any psychiatry if it is up to me, TSWM will even replace their existence worldwide.

The trusworthyness of KLPD has been given up.

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