NEW*****: http://paf101.wordpress.com/ People And Freedom 101

NEW*****: http://hafp.wordpress.com/ High Applying Flying Planes (Cause I can realize, that; I’m fighting for my life)

NEW*****: http://aruba101.wordpress.com/ Approbatie Rechtszekerheids Unanimiteiten Bemachtigend Allocering

NEW*****: http://cbw101.wordpress.com/ Clear Blue Water 101

NEW*****: http://cba101.wordpress.com/ Cost Benefit Analyse – to learn and develop

NEW*****: http://iic101.wordpress.com/ Instant Intercommunication Control

NEW*****: http://rcr101.wordpress.com/ Reformatory Cultural Rescues 101

NEW*****: http://icsim.wordpress.com/ Intelligentsisa! Compendium Securities Integrity Maxi

NEW*****: http://ssa101.wordpress.com/ Soul Science Amplifications 101

NEW*****: http://rcd101.wordpress.com/ Reformatory Cultural Developments PATH for science and scientism

NEW*****http://ogc101gpc.wordpress.com/ O Gravitation Criminology 101 Gravity Polar Change

NEW*****: http://afval.wordpress.com/ Aandachtigen Feedback Vereisen Aandachtigheids Leidmotief

NEW****: http://dikke.wordpress.com/ Dagvaarding In Klachtdelict Klassenjustitie Eis

NEW****: http://powerfulcountries.wordpress.com/ Powerful Countries are the most well-known none-military successors of security and justice in anything

NEW****: http://rcccp.wordpress.com/ Reformatory Capias Cachot Commended Punishment, part of arrested people who are punished, and who been actionable all the time, or still remain and thus having a sentence from the verdict given through HIMA from 3Com and WSA-RSA-VSA and TSISA and TSWM

NEW****: http://hima101.wordpress.com/ Homologate In Maestro’s Amplification’s, the autonomy of WSA-RSA-VSA, TSISA, TSWM, Saline

NEW****: http://vsa6.wordpress.com/ Vaqas Sysstole Ameliorate, part of the cause of justice in WSA-RSA-VSA, TSISA, TSWM OGC.101.GPC

NEW****: http://rsa6.wordpress.com/ R72 Screened Arrests, part of RCCCP in WSA-RSA-VSA, TSISA, TSWM in OGC.101.GPC with HIMA

NEW****: http://salineuniversal.wordpress.com/ Saline Universal, has been launched for all6-7 continents of the world.

NEW****: http://intelligenceprogressiononline.wordpress.com/ IPO has been launched, for a new socialism goal in sociology of social vertical mobility.

NEW****: http://blackandlights.wordpress.com/ B&L has been launched set for 2010 with VJ-022-024 and The Paternity in sonIcuma








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